The BUILD UPON Project

Ruvex's Educational Centre, acting as an associated partner of the "BUILD UP Skills EnerPro" project, aimed at increasing the knowledge on energy efficiency in buildings, is pleased to announce the successful completion of the BUILD UPON project for the definition and implementation of your national renovation strategy. The 'Common Vision' statement shared between all participants in the initiative is:

"Our vision is a Europe that leads on the building renovation challenge - meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement and improving the lives of millions of citizens through better buildings.
To achieve this, all countries must establish ambitious national renovation strategies - setting out roadmaps to 2050, with clear targets, milestones and measures that support local action.
We commit to unite across sectors and nations to support this vision, and to support the design and implementation of the renovation strategies."
The successful completion of the project is demonstrated by the fact that the seven seminars, orginised by BGBC were attended by over 390 people, representatives of  business, the government and citizens. Over 180 organisations, business representatives, experts from the local and central government, academia and other stakeholders presented their opinions and recommendations, which will be soon sent to the related government institutions. The results from the project were successfuly disseminated among over 55,000 people in Bulgaria. 
The consortium of thirteen countries partnering as part of the BUILD UPON project organsies a Call for Action to all participating organisations to support the Common Vision for the renovation of the existing building stock. 
More information about the project results can be found at: