Energy Efficiency Trainings for Government Employees

Ruvex SA via its licensed Vocational education and training centre, in partnership with Oddvar Sten Ronsen - Norwegian expert on the implementation of projects for the introduction of energy efficiency measures are among the approved beneficiaries of ЕЕА GRANT SCHEME: BG04-04-05 "Training and education activities to increase the administrative capacity related to energy efficiency and renewable energy measures" of the Ministry of Energy, acting Programme Operator for Programme BG04 "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy" the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2009-2014. Objectives of the grant scheme include: increasing the administrative capacity of the state and municipal authorities and institutions to plan and implement energy efficiency and renewable energy /EE&RES/ measures through provision of trainings and counseling.

Ruvex SA's VET Centre, upon signing a contract with the Ministry of Energy, shall organize and conduct nine seminars on increasing the administrative capacity in the field of energy efficiency through the exchange of experience and training. The project is expected to achieve the following results:
- Improved capacity a at national, regional and local level to undertake energy-efficiency measures and renewable energy solutions;
- 9 trainings will be conducted and 360 employees of state institutions and municipalities will be trained for planning of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy in public buildings;
- Increased awareness of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions.

Until 15 November 2015 the Ministry of Energy is continually recruiting public servants who are to take part in the energy efficiency and use of renewable energy seminars through nomination by the state or municipal administration they are part of. The expected period for conducting the trainings is November 2015 - April 2016.

More information shall become available over the weeks to come on this website as well as on the Programme BG04 "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy" online information portal.