Who We Are

Ruvex Corp.'s Vocational Education Centre (VEC) was established in 2009 as an independent division of the company. The Center is licensed by the National Agency for Vocational Education and Training under License No. 200912768.

The earliest trainings conducted by the Center were aimed at the field of Energy Efficiency Inspection and Auditing. Over the years the Center's activities have expanded and currently include a wide variety of courses in the fields of vocational education and training, language and IT courses as well as various other specialised trainings and seminars.

Ruvex Center follows the requirements of current national and global standards in education and training and offers modern, beneficial syllabuses aimed at developing our students' proffesional and personal skills thus allowing them to be competitive in the job market of today.

Possessing narrowly specialized professional skills is no longer enough for the working people of today. The Center strives to provide its students with a modern expanded skillset and an attitude of trying to constatly improve oneself beyond what traditional education has to offer

Ruvex Corp.'s Center for Vocational Education offers:
     ·   High quality educational services;
     ·   Nationally recognized certificates;
     ·   Education in a wide variety of professional areas;
     ·   Flexible syllabuses in terms of their duration and course intensity;
     ·   Educational courses in which a student's personal needs and requirements are taken into account;
     ·   Motivational trainings cultivating a proactive attitude within people allowing them to better represent themselves on the labour market and the workplace;
     ·   Educational methods adhering to modern requirements on communicativeness and authenticity;
     ·   Career counseling and validation of knowledge;
     ·   Employer-requisitioned training courses aimed at improving the human capital of the company;
     ·   Preparation, consulting and implementation of projects.

Ruvex Corp. is a holder of an ISO 9001:2008 Certificate No. 10487/18.11.2014 affirming that a Quality Management System is in place concerning all activities related to organizing and conducting proffesional trainings, foreign language trainings, trainings in information and communication technologies, trainings in key competences and other trainings and seminars; validation of knowledge; career counseling; logistics support of events; event visualization and publicity; preparation, consulting and implementation of projects.

Our clients include individuals as well as companies and corporations. The Center also conducts trainings as a contractor within the confines of EU's Operational Programme "Human Resources Development" and Operational Programme "Administrative Capacity".